Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stats, Standings, Features After Week 8

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Quite a week in stats! The race for scoring king is heating up, as Keith Gormley gets to within one tenth of Rafael Rodriguez at the top of the charts. Meanwhile, Andrew Weiner is running away with the three-point shooting title, while Lars Rasmussen stays atop the free throw shooting ranks as Kevin Felder and Saulo Feliciano struggle to become eligible (minimum 15 attempts).

On to the features...

Player of the Week: Vance Tucker

Along with post-mate Lars Rasmussen, Tucker managed to stave off a daunting Dunk-a Schoen front line. While controlling the boards and preventing easy shots, he played a big part in holding the league upstarts to 30 points. Then, on the last possession of the game, he received a pass from Jordan Glickson and scored the league's first true buzzer beater, giving The Cray's Nest a 32-30 victory. For his heroics, Tucker will receive a set of leftover McDonald's hamburger wrappers once touched by Knicks legend Larry Johnson.

Honorable Mention: Saulo Feliciano and Rafael Rodriguez

Feliciano, in just his third game in the GABL, scored 16 points to lead the Layup Line Heroes to an overtime win over Team Fouls. His two threes in the second half proved to be daggers, and the victory ensures that the Heroes will be in this year's playoffs.

Rodriguez, returning from a one-game suspension, controlled the pace of play at point guard, scoring 14 points and playing strong perimeter defense. His strong play enabled Beast of Burden to avenge their week 3 loss to The Hospital Bombers, and takes them one step closer to clinching a postseason berth.

Both players will receive New Jersey nets keychains, and a gift certificate good for one tour of the Nets home arena, whatever it may be called.

Past Players of the Week:

Week 1: Lars Rasmussen (retroactive)
Week 2: Ismael Rodriguez (retroactive)
Week 3: Geoff Nelson
Week 4: Rafael Rodriguez
Week 5: Jordan Glickson
Week 6: Keith Gormley
Week 7: Bob Van Kolken

The King's Court: Week 8

And the GABL shall reign forever and ever!

Sir Prolificus (points): Andrew Weiner, 18

Dr. Charity (foul-shooting): Kevin Felder, 5-6

Narrowly edges out Lars Rasmussen (5-7) and Matt Brinkmann (3-4)

Captain Long-Range (three-point shooting): Andrew Weiner, 4

The Earl of Baskets (field goals): Gormley, Weiner, Feliciano, 7

The Duke of D: Brian Love, for tenacious perimeter D on The Hospital Bombers.

The Dime Baron (week's best pass): Jordan Glickson, for a gutsy over-the-top pass to Tucker on the final possession.

The Marchioness (best female performance): Kerry Brown, for a double-digit performance in a loss to Beast of Burden.

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