Friday, March 5, 2010

Stats, Standings, Features After Week 6

Here we be.


Player of the Week: Keith Gormley

Let's face it: the media does not go easy on the Layup Line Heroes. It's a hostile city, and they've faced some fire, but one or way another these dudes find a way to win the important games. Keith Gormley has led the way all season, and yesterday's 14-point performance gave them a huge 33-28 win. His 6-7 performance from the foul line was the difference in the game, and his defense nullified the Beast of Burden interior attack. For his efforts, Keith will be presented with a stick of chewing gum from an early 90s Fleet basketball cards package which featured Manute Bol (cards not included).

Honorable Mention: Bob Van Kolken and Whitney Warren

Van Kolken, facing a difficult task against Cray's Nest bigs Lars Rasmussen and Vance Tucker, proved himself to be one of the league's premier post players with a strong 14-point performance. Though his team lost by two, Van Kolken left it all out on the floor.

Warren regained his form from last year's championship season in Dunk-a Schoen's break-out win against Team Fouls, scoring 15 and wreaking all kinds of terror in the lane.

Each player will be allowed to share a YMCA locker room shower with former Arkansas Razorback great Scotty Thurman.

Past Players of the Week:

Week 1: Lars Rasmussen (retroactive)
Week 2: Ismael Rodriguez (retroactive)
Week 3: Geoff Nelson
Week 4: Rafael Rodriguez
Week 5: Jordan Glickson

The King's Court: Week 6

Let subjectivity reign!

Sir Prolificus (points): Whitney Warren, 15

Dr. Charity (foul-shooting): Keith Gormley, 6-7.

Narrowly edges out Greg Wyrick (6-8), Lars Rasmussen (4-5), and Matt Brinkmann (4-5).

Captain Long-Range (three-point shooting): Kevin Felder, 3

The Earl of Baskets (field goals): Van Kolken and Warren, 6

The Duke of D: The Cray's Nest, for holding The Hospital Bombers to one 3-pointer (a bank shot).

The Dime Baron (week's best pass): Two passes this time. To quote GABL play-by-play announcer Ted Sherlock: "Rasmussen running out of time, nobody's open...he hurls it downcourt! It's long to Ryan...he whips it to a wide open Glickson,'s good! OH MY! WHAT HAVE MY EYES JUST WITNESSED?!"

The Marchioness (best female performance): Jane Rizzo, for a full game of smothering defense on the wing of the zone, and several surprising rebounds among the tall trees.

Recaps Monday!

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