Friday, March 12, 2010

Stats, Standings, Features After Week 7

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Feature Time!

Player of the Week: Bob Van Kolken

This was certainly a tough decision, but Bob's dominating inside presence led The Hospital Bombers to a grueling 35-33 win over Dunk-a Schoen. The crucial win moved them to 5-2, and away from the middle of the pack. Bob had to contend with the superior size of the opponents and establish the post game almost on his own. He managed 13 points and a lot of rebounds, and forced Dunk-a Schoen to play a perimeter offense. For his hard work, Bob will be invited to a June 7th meet-and-greet with Duke legend JON SCHEYER. The event will take place at the Asheville, North Carolina Knights of Columbus.

Honorable Mention: Matt Brinkmann and Andrew Weiner

Like Van Kolken, Brinkmann slugged it out underneath against a strong back line. For the first time this season, The Cray's Nest lost the interior battle, and Brinkmann takes much of the credit. He also scored 11 points, doubling his season total, and helped keep the Layup Line Heroes in third place.

Weiner continued his hot shooting, hitting 3 treys to increase his league leading total to 21. Two came at crucial junctures in the second half, holding off Beast of Burden rallies and spurring Team Fouls to their second win of the year.

Both players will be awarded a first edition copy of "Where's Jon Scheyer?", a book inspired by the "Where's Waldo?" series.

Past Players of the Week:

Week 1: Lars Rasmussen (retroactive)
Week 2: Ismael Rodriguez (retroactive)
Week 3: Geoff Nelson
Week 4: Rafael Rodriguez
Week 5: Jordan Glickson
Week 6: Keith Gormley

The King's Court: Week 6

Long Live the GABL!

Sir Prolificus (points): Keith Gormley, 17

Dr. Charity (foul-shooting): Zach Heinzerling and Saulo, 6-7.

Narrowly edges out Shane Ryan (4-5).

Captain Long-Range (three-point shooting): Andrew Weiner, 3

The Earl of Baskets (field goals): Gormley, 7

The Duke of D: Chris Bonastia, for his effort shutting down Ismael Rodriguez.

The Dime Baron (week's best pass): Kevin Felder, for several passes that sprung Dunk-a Schoen fast breaks.

The Marchioness (best female performance): Trista Sordillo, who scored 4 points, took some hard fouls, and played smothering D in Team Fouls' win.

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