Friday, April 9, 2010

Stats, Standings, Features - Regular Season

It's complete! An exciting regular season came to an end with a surprising lack of drama in Week 10. Call it the calm before the storm. This post will be jam-packed with features, so hold on to your hats.

First, congratulations to THE CRAY'S NEST, your regular season champions!

The Cray's Nest were also the league's best offensive team, while the Layup Line Heroes take defensive honors. The Nest just surpassed the Heroes in free throw shooting, with a great mark of 62.1%. Team Fouls led the GABL in three-point shooting with 4 per game.

And then the individual stats:

Let's congratulate the GABL's first ever scoring champion, Rafael Rodriguez! With an average of 16.9 points per game, he truly lit up the scorebook.

And how about a hand for the three point king, Andrew Weiner! Weiner's 31 threes easily set a league record. It may never be broken.

The free throw shooting champion came down to a controversial finish. There were three different winners, according to the coaches' poll, the Associated Press, and the fan's choice.

Associated Press winner: Shane Ryan, 19-24, 79.2%
Coaches' Poll winner: Lars Rasmussen, 40-55, 72.7%
Fan's Choice winner: Saulo Feliciano, 12-14, 85.7%

It takes 15 free throws to qualify, so Feliciano fell just short. But the fans took pity, bestowing their favor upon him. Meanwhile, the pure volume of Rasmussen's free throws made him a favorite of the coaches, and his sustained excellence earned their highest honor. But in the history books, Ryan will go down as the shooter who both qualified and turned in the highest mark. What a finish!

The GABL would not be what it is without those stalwarts who show up every evening, ready to do battle, win or lose. It's time now to honor the members of the 2010 Perfect Attendance Club. The following players made all 10 games:

Keith Gormley
Ismael Rodriguez
Vance Tucker
Zach Smith
Chris Bonastia
Kieran Valla
Kyle Pilkington
Trista Sordillo
Jeremy Forsythe

And the award for best team attendance goes to Beast of Burden. They put three members on the PAC list, and of their remaining members, three were present for 9 games, and one was present for 8. Out of 70 possible attendance chances, they made good on 65. That's an astonishing 93% attendance rate. Well done!

It's time now for the Week 10 features...

Player of the Week: Ben Weitmarschen

Weitmarschen scored 26 points, including an exciting barrage at the end of the game, in Dunk-a Schoen's 50-43 loss to Beast of Burden. With nothing on the line except pride, Weitmarschen showed incredible heart and fought to the last breath. He's a testament to the spirit of the GABL, and his season high nearly earned his team a thrilling win. Weitmarschen's picture will be featured in the Spring Issue of the Manhattan Senior Citizen's Guide to Recreation.

Honorable Mention: Geoff Nelson and Ismael Rodriguez

Nelson made a breathtaking run at his own record for most three-pointers in a single game. At the half, he had hit 4 and was on pace to surpass his old total of 7. But the Layup Line Heroes knuckled down in the second half, and Nelson could only hit two more before time expired. He finished with 20 points, and raised his ppg average into double digits.

Rodriguez, excellent as usual, scored 21 points and helped Beast of Burden earn a .500 record. His steals and conversions in the final minutes helped stave off the Dunk-a Schoen comeback. The victory gives them positive momentum going into their playoff match-up against The Cray's Nest.

Both players will be awared the Tin Credential, a sheaf-like medal given out once per year by the Brotherhood of the Lower East Side Community Preservation Committee.

Past Players of the Week:

Week 1: Lars Rasmussen (retroactive)
Week 2: Ismael Rodriguez (retroactive)
Week 3: Geoff Nelson
Week 4: Rafael Rodriguez
Week 5: Jordan Glickson
Week 6: Keith Gormley
Week 7: Bob Van Kolken
Week 8: Vance Tucker
Week 9: Shane Ryan

The King's Court: Week 10

A scoreboard! A scoreboard! My kingdom for a scoreboard!

Sir Prolificus (points): Ben Weitmarschen and Rafael Rodriguez, 26

Dr. Charity (foul-shooting): Shane Ryan, 6-6

Narrowly edges out Lars Rasmussen (3-4), Saulo Feliciano (2-2), Jordan Glickson (2-2), and Andrew Weiner (2-2).

Captain Long-Range (three-point shooting): Geoff Nelson, 6

The Earl of Baskets (field goals): Weitmarschen, 11

The Duke of D: Kyle Pilkington and Pat Waldo, for holding their own on the glass against a taller Dunk-a Schoen team.

The Dime Baron (week's best pass): Steve Reiter, for a seeing-eye whip of a dish to Ben Weitmarschen in the late game.

The Marchioness (best female performance): Amy Hauck, who had 4 big points in the second half to help secure the Heroes' victory.

Later next week: Week 10 recaps, Playoff Previews, and the announcement of the GABL All-Stars!

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